Sometimes, never giving up and waiting for the right opportunity will make you achieve your dreams. Creative director and Millennial Influencer Juan Munoz reveals how he was able to reach his goals, with the help of video marketing.

Juan Munoz started at the age of 12 when he discovered his passion for video editing. His parents did not even approve of it and neither saw the potential in him in this field, which added to his doubts if he will still continue doing what he liked the most. He admitted that there are times when he felt like giving up. Instead of losing faith, he continued to practice until the right opportunity came.

“I stayed inside countless days just learning how I could become the top video editor on YouTube. I had many nights where I wanted to give up but deep down inside I held up and stayed positive and at the age of 21, I brought travel videos into my editing space.”

Little does he know that the edited travel video is the start of something bigger, where he used it as a sample edit to show to the world his skills through the power of social media. Influencers started to ask for his creative inputs to edit their videos. This is when Juan started to create his own name on social media, having the Instagram username @juanmunoztv. He was able to build his own brand because influencers started mentioning and tagging him, increasing his visibility to other influencers as well.

Many people have considered 2020 a bad start of the year for them because of the pandemic, but Juan saw it as an opportunity to grow some more because people started noticing him. Since everywhere in the world has encouraged safe distancing, he used his time while in quarantine to work more. This is also the best time to gain more experience and learn a variety of new techniques.

“2020 was the best year of my life and here is how I managed to turn it around at such a crucial time. In 2020 everything moved into an online space so I took advantage of promoting and creating as much video and photo work as possible leveraging my business. In the summer I blew up in followers reaching over 100,000 followers and hitting millions of views through my videos. The big names on instagram and major businesses that wanted to take everything online “knocked on my door” requesting my services through Instagram Direct messaging and emails.”

The best is yet to come for Juan, as 2021 is just a warm-up for better opportunities to open for him. As a known influencer, he is now getting the benefits of traveling using private jets, driving fast cars, and getting closer with top entrepreneurs. Juan was able to maximize the visibility of his own brand through video marketing. He considers himself to have reached his dreams – using it as an inspiration to keep going and look back on how he started in the industry.