‘How to Become a successful Entrepreneur in 2021’ Mervik Haums

How to become a successful entrepreneur in 2021? Startup Fortune founder and marketing strategist Mervik Haums shares 7 marketing trends to watch in 2021

Whereas technology used to be a way to escape and disconnect from the world around you, COVID-19 has seen technology turn into a vehicle for connection. Brands and humans alike have to consider a strategy for connecting to their important contacts. Here are 7 Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2021 that will help build strong connections and boost customer engagement.

1. Compassion and Authenticity Rule: Companies Need To Have A Pulse

More than ever customers are considering the holistic aspects of companies when choosing who to support. Marketing efforts in this altruism evoking era should be centred around authenticity and supporting each other and the globe.

2. Change Is Inevitable: Know Who You Are In The Face Of It

This past year has changed the lives of everybody in so many ways, with most of us being largely affected by the changes in how we work and do business. Marketing companies with a strong sense of self will fair better in the face of year that will inevitably bring us more change. 

3.Centre Yourself Around Human Connection And Your Marketing Connections Will Work

Marketing companies should think of themselves as human entities that represent the values of the people they were built to serve. Be that connection that is missing in the lives of your clients.

4. The World Is Filled With Instability: Don’t Add To It

Uncertainty has plagued the lives of most since March of last year. People are searching for a crutch, something to help them in these unstable times. Marketing companies who can be trusted to deliver on their promises will be valued exorbitantly more in a world where predictability is rare.

5. Don’t Miss Out On A Chance To Win Them Over

Customer engagement is now almost solely through online measures. Marketing companies who create multiple touchpoints to engage customers will be successful.

6. Invest In Your Team: A Healthy Team Leads To A Prosperous Business

Times have been tough and they’ve been tough for an extended period of time. It goes without saying that mental health is a huge concern in the workplace right now. For your marketing company to be healthy financially your team needs to be healthy both physically and mentally. Marketing companies that develop strategies to promote employee health in the workplace will be in a better position to minimize the negative impacts of the pandemic.

7. Find Talent: Market Their Expertise

While this blog may seem to have a negative undertone, there are many wonderful things happening in the business world right now. We have innovators in the technology world who are going to innovate the way we connect with clients through marketing. Your job is to find these people and get them on your team. Marketing teams who get their hands on these rising stars are set up well for success.



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