Mehmet Majed Veysel – A Successful Architect & Social Media Entrepreneur

Mehmet Majed Veysel, a genuine motivation and inspiration on the web. He is one of those business visionaries who fought against the odd chances and made a path towards success. His projects are extremely striking and important in terms of their impact on social media. Informative projects on the effects of coronavirus made by him and the determination he has to inform people are admirable.

These projects that he carried out in cooperation with many brands and artists have been very beneficial. Thinking that he has not accomplished his dream yet, Majed Veysel is taking firm steps to become a worldwide brand.

Q: What does Mehmet Majed Veysel do?

Majed Veysel is a well-known architect, but, for his followers on Instagram and Facebook, he is so much more than that – he never stops mesmerizing them with breathtaking black and white pictures of different architecture. And, because his pictures are amazing, he has gained thousands of followers across different social media platforms.

Majed currently consults more than 70+ foreign clients based in USA, Europe for their business growth, branding & awareness. He has started up multiple startups in different fields to diversify his skillsets & knowledge to gain experience in everything. The skillset Majed Veysel possesses are Outsourcing Products / Services, Growing Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Revenue Generating Assets, Creating / Licensing Contents for creators and publishers, PR & Marketing Campaigns for Musicians, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Politicians, Celebrities.

You can take a look at what he did to understand things about him better because it is predicted that he will soon become a familiar name to many. Working with many of the famous people known by many using social media, Majed Veysel offers services that cannot be found in different places in this field.

Since social media is a network where most people spend their lives in it, they also have needs about that. This is where experts of social media get involved. When you have an intention about social media (advertising, sales, etc.), you can take advice from experienced people to achieve this, or you can be successful like them by using the services they offer to you.

Majed is verified on social media and he enjoys sharing his work mainly on Instagram and Facebook as an outgoing person and photographic artist. He also uses these platforms to talk and communicate with his followers about important matters. On his website, as well as his contact form, daily updates on his architectural design are available.



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